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Drive safe this winter, come and have your Winter tyres fitted at Cymru Garages

Winter tyres, should I get them fitted?
Car technology and safety improvements have continued to improve road safety both for the pedestrian and the occupants of cars and other vehicles. Part of this development has come from the most important part of the car that's in contact with the road - the tyres.

wintertyresWinter Tyre IconTyre technology in recent years have seen more and more brands release a range of Winter tyres that have been specifically designed to provide greater road handling and in colder temperatures and to help improve reduce braking distances in icy or wet conditions.

Winter tyres will normally have a snowflake and mountain top icon on the side wall to clearly identify them as Winter tyres.

At Cymru Garages we would always recommend our customers get Winter tyres fitted and here are 10 reasons why it makes sense:

Stopping Distances - If travelling at 20mph on icy roads, a car fitted with Winter tyres will stop 11m (36ft) sooner than a car running on normal tyres
Flexibility - Winter tyres tend to have a higher level of silica in the compound that keeps them more flexible under colder working temperatures, where as normal tyres can become more rigid and effect the ability of the tyre to grip the road efficiently enough
Can be used for 6 months - Recent figures from the Met Office show that in recent years the temperature over Autumn and Winter months has on average remained below 7°C and below this temperature normal 'Summer' tyres will not perform as well as Winter tyres.
More than just reduced braking distances - Winter tyres, apart from reducing your stopping distances, also improve the overall road handling and steering response
More than just snow - Many drivers believe that Winter tyres have been designed for driving in snow. These tyres do more than that, they provide with you a tyre that has been specially designed to improve road handling in the wet, slushy or muddy conditions more typical of driving during the winter months
Change all tyres - For those with 2 wheel drive cars, you might think you only need to change the driven wheels, but we would always recommend all tyres are changed as running your vehicle with both Summer and Winter tyres together may actually cause your car to handle worse in Wintery conditions
Don't throw away your Summer tyres - We would always suggest that if your Summer tyres are in good working order that you store them and have them put back on once the wintery conditions have passed, so running Winter tyres prolongs the life of your normal car tyres
To slow or not to slow? - Driving on Winter tyres does not mean you have to drive slower. Although designed for slippery and wet road conditions, the speed ratings of Winter tyres still far exceed the national speed limits in the UK and across Europe
Winter accidents - Almost 50% of road accidents recorded in the UK are caused by the driver skidding and losing control of their vehicle in icy conditions
Reduced insurance premiums - More and more insurance companies are looking at offering lower premiums for drivers who use Winter tyres

What does the law say?
Although many individuals within the industry are pushing for legislation to be introduced, there is currently no legal requirement in the UK for drivers to fit Winter tyres to their cars. However, if you are thinking of driving across Europe you would be advised to check if you will be required by law to have Winter tyres fitted as many countries across Europe have now introduced legislation for certain months of the year.

With branches in Carmarthen and Cross Hands, Cymru Garages offers a wide range of professional services with highly trained auto technicians always on hand to fit new parts or to offer advice to our loyal customers. Call us today to get the best prices on new car tyres fitted, winter car tyres fitted, wheel alignment, car exhaust systems, air conditioning recharges, replacement brake pads and discs, booking in your car for its MOT, car servicing, cambelts, shock absorbers, engine rebuilds, vehicle diagnostics, clutches, batteries, tow bars, turbo inspection and car gearboxes

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