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Prevent your car tyres from wearing unevenly and book your car in for our technicians to check the alignment

balancingYou may not know it, but hitting a pot hole or kerb, even at slow speeds, can have an impact your your cars wheel alignment, also known as tracking. If your car wheels are not aligned correctly then you will impact the handling of your car and worst still you will wear down the tyres faster than if you have correct wheel alignment.

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More often than not, having the front wheels checked for alignment will solve any problems. However at Cymru Garages we have a state of the art laser guided alignment system that can check all 4 wheels on your car. You may have heard of toe-in or toe-out and camber before, these are the terms associated with the correct position of your car tyres.

Toe in or out: If you looked at your tyres from above with a car set with toe-in, the gap between the front of the tyres would be closer while the gap between the rear of the tyre would be further apart

Camber: If you looked at your wheels from the front of your car, camber is the 'tilt' of the wheels either inward or outward

Our expert technicians always check against the wheel alignment settings specified the car manufacturer. Incorrect wheel alignment can be caused by hitting pot holes or kerbing your car. Not only does this result in an increase in tyre wear, there can also be unseen damage to your suspension or other critical components and we would always provide a comprehensive check of these components during a wheel alignment inspection.

It's worth checking your car tyres on a regular basis to look out for any unusual wear such as premature wear on the inside or outside shoulder of the tyre.

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With branches in Carmarthen and Cross Hands,  Cymru Garages offers a wide range of professional services with highly trained auto technicians always on hand to fit new parts or to offer advice to our loyal customers. Call us today to get the best prices on new car tyres fitted, winter car tyres fitted, wheel alignment, car exhaust systems, air conditioning recharges, replacement brake pads and discs, booking in your car for its MOT, car servicing, cambelts, shock absorbers, engine rebuilds, vehicle diagnostics, clutches, batteries, tow bars, turbo inspection and car gearboxes

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