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Your branch of Cymru Garages offers a complete Carbon and DPF Cleaning service for your car

At our Carmarthen and Cross Hands branches you can bring your car or van in for Carbon Cleaning.


Why do I need a Carbon Clean?
When you purchase a brand new car, because of its unused state, it has no contamination inside the engine. With use, and as the mileage of the vehicle increases, key components within the engine are subjected to contamination, which leads to a drop in engine efficiency.

This will eventually lead to a breakdown and/or an expensive repair if left untreated.


Carbon Clean Specialist of Carmarthen
With the latest spec 4 in 1 power clean machine from forte, wich delivers direct cleaning to the vehicles problem area with new specially formulated treatments gaining fast and effective results. It removes harmful contamination and recovers lost performance, increase fuel efficiency and significantly improve fuel economy.

Customers who have purchased this service have often seen an improvement in fuel economy of between 10% to 15%, saving you up to £300 per year.

Modern engine design, coupled with a drive to reduce harmful emissions, has led to a significant increase in contamination related issues such as

Blocked DPF’s
Fouled Fuel Injectors
MOT emission failures

What is a DPF?
The Diesel Particulate Filter is in the exhaust system of all diesel-powered cars. It is a vital component that is designed to enable cars to pass increasingly tough emissions legislation. The DPF’s job is to trap the particles that are caused by the compression-ignition combustion process and thereby prevent harmful smoke from being pumped into the atmosphere. Like any filter, the DPF will gradually get clogged with the soot that it traps. However, the car is designed to clean it by heating this residue up, turning it to ash and expelling it. This happens about every 300 miles, either when you travel at motorway speed, or because the Engine Control Unit initiates what’s known as regeneration by raising exhaust temperatures artificially.

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